is it possible to install a lua code/library ?

I’ve noticed that Lua has many useful libraries/codes but I have no clue how to ‘install’ them, once they’re not at some .lua extension to put as a new class. is it even possible to use such codes inside Codea?

i believe the way you do it is that you make a new project with all of the code from the library your looking at and you just import it into the project your using by adding it under the class creation menu. but i might be wrong.

This would definitely be extremely useful. Does anybody out there have some more detailed information on how to use .lua libraries? I’ve been trying to get it in as a class and that doesn’t seem like it would make much sense for libraries that are just clusters of functions and not objects.

you probably have to modify the code a bit to work with codea. If you show what library you are trying to use, maybe we can help you?

If I understand correctly, you want to install a Lua library into Codea. Codea is all there is, you can’t add anything else to the Codea code. You can add your own libraries and include them as dependencies in your own code, but you can’t add anything to Codea itself.

I think you have to export the project and then build the bridge between those libraries and Codea using the Addon class, like this: