is craft noise based on libnoise?

found a libnoise writeup that’s pretty good … is our noise based on libnoise, or something much like it?


@RonJeffries Can you keep all of your Craft noise questions in this discussion instead of creating a new discussion for each question. It would be helpful to have all of the Craft noise questions and answers in one spot.

sure. seemed better to me to break them by topic, but collecting makes sense too

@RonJeffries If they remained separated by topic, then they would eventually drift down the discussion. Some might be brought back to the top, while others keep drifting down. Eventually they will become separated and kind of lost. By keeping the Craft noise questions and answers in the same discussion, they’ll be kept together and be more useful.

Yeah, I can dig it. Can mods merge threads?

@RonJeffries I don’t think they can be merged, but you might be able to copy the links to your other discussions and post them here. That way anyone can just use the link to the other discussions no matter how far they drift down.

might give that a go. how about bug/doc error reports? for example, codea has rigidMulti but the official term is ridgedMulti, that is, “with ridges”. See nice tutorial including select.

@RonJeffries I have no control over docs or errors, so that’s up to @John and @Simeon. I just try to keep the forum straight, removing spam discussions and banning spam users.

It is based on libnoise, or at least this slightly modified version with 2D additions

thanks, that’s useful!