is CC dead/down?

it appears to not connect when I try to open via Chrome/Safari or from within Codea.

I don’t use CC, but I get this error when I try.

error: [string "--Community..."]:89: attempt to call a nil value

@matkatmusic @dave1707 I think @briarfox said something about the servers being changed and that @simeon is looking into it

Sorry guys, I moved server but we’ll need to migrate CC over. @Briarfox can you get in touch?

any updates to this? @simeon @briarfox @dave1707 ?

It’s been at least a good year since I first looked at CC and recently when I tried I couldn’t get anything. When it’s over could someone post a noobs guide to CC please? :slight_smile:

@matkatmusic I don’t use CC, so I can’t give you any info on it.

I’ll look into it but it was up and running fine for me after Simeon migrated the server.
Working version:

Loaded CC from the link above and tried to run it. Received the message

error: [string "--Community..."]:89: attempt to call a nil value

@Briarfox Here’s what’s in data and code when I get the above error

data=Error 	code=200

Can you guys update the project so it connects to the right server?

nevermind, i updated it myself:

You gotta change this line in ccVars to read this address, instead of “["url"] = ""

Woops CC was updated awhile back but I never updated the link on the thread, sorry guys. @matkatmusic thats the change that is needed.

Correct link:

thanks works.

Mine keeps doing nothing at all. Then if I click the cc button it comes up with a brief message about the draw function being broken, then if I close the window that pops up when that message pops up, the message is gone.

Thank you @matkatmusic!