Is a 2d RPG game possible on codea?

I have always been fascinated by the design of 2D RPG adventure games, along the lines of Zelda, and even Pokemon. (Don’t judge me

Yes, it’s entirely possible! Many people have made projects like what you describe :slight_smile: I’ve even started one myself!

Honestly asking, why would you think it wasn’t? I don’t mean to be rude, but we get questions like this all the time and I want to know why.

I just have no clue how to setup a tile map like that, so I assumed it was not possible. That is all.

How do you setup a tile layout like that? I checked out the videos in the link “Monkeyman3123” posted, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for! 0.0 SOO cool!

Generally you would save every tile’s value into a table, then using a double for loop you can draw them all. That’s the most basic method, so Obviously there are faster, more efficient ways but they involve long explanations and even longer code samples.

Can you give me an example (in code) of what you just said, monkey man?

Like setting up the basic table

Nothing fancy :slight_smile:

Just a 2D table of numbers/strings/classes.

map = {}
size = 20
for x = -size, size do
    map[x] = {}
    for y = -size, size do
        map[x][y] = 0

And then you can get the block at a coordinate by using map[x][y]

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@The_Waffle_Man - if you can’t make a 2D table, then you have no chance of writing a game like this. You need to learn more about Codea first.

Ok. Ill do more research. Thanks guys