iPhone 6 Specific xcode error

Hello. Today I found a error in my app in Xcode that only occurs at a specific point and only on the iPhone 6. Confirmed on both the physical device and the simulator. It points to this of thread 13.

0x11106e286:  jae    0x11106e290               ; __pthread_kill + 20

I absolutely no idea where to begin with this so does anyone know what this means?

Most likely going to need to send @Simeon your Xcode project, I dont think many will know what a couple pointers and a statement means.

@Luatee I don’t know if its a Codea problem. I occurs in my game when you lose and theres a new highest stage. It saves the highest stage in local data and uses the slides class but both of those things work fine in other places. If it was a problem that would happen if you use both of them at once it should be a codea error not Xcode.

It would help if you use some print() functions in your Lua code to isolate exactly which function is causing the error, that’ll help you track down what’s happening and what state your app is in.

@TechDojo After doing some testing with print I don’t think its reliable. It says thats its crashing in-between two points in the code where nothing is happening. I don’t think its a lua code problem.

Use the devices window in xcode to extract the proper crash logs from your device for your app. You can always try putting some debug console code in the view handlers in your xcode project.

@TechDojo I dont know what any of that is. Thanks tho. I’ll look into that.