iOS8 and Codea?

iOS8 now released. Will the current version of Codea still work correctly with iOS8, including the export to xcode?

Hi All,

iPad 2 - pretty, pretty but - OH SO SLOW!!!

How do I go back to 7 ???



@Bri_G You can disable some features to make it faster. Sadly, you can’t go back to iOS 7.

Hi @Saturn031000,

Thanks for the reply - bad news !! Any chance you can point me to a description of the disabling options?




@Bri_G Try going to Settings->General->Accessibility->Reduce Motion->On

I would recommend not updating to iOS 8 yet. I just did and it got my iPad stuck on the updating screen while iTunes gave me the error -1. Took a while but it fixed itself, though it acted as if I didn’t do a backup before, and I had to restore to factory settings, losing all my data including Codea projects.

@SkyTheCoder Did you do an over the air update or did you connect it to a computer? Because an over the air update worked fine for me.

@Saturn031000 I did it connected to a computer, I didn’t have enough space to update it over the air. 6.9 GB is insane, I would have to delete the majority of my apps. I looked at the storage on my iPad right after I restored it and found iOS took up 6 of my precious 16 GB (I would have had to delete all but 3 GB).

@SkyTheCoder For me the update was 4.7 GB. IMO, iOS 8 was worth it.

Hi Guys,

Getting some weird effects with iOS8 on my iPad2. Wonder if you have experienced similar. Noted these when trying to copy code from the recent 3D sphere thread. Firstly copied a small example. Then tried a larger example later in the thread - wouldn’t let me select at all. Then went to a gist link an tried to select the code there - no joy. Then, I’m not sure what I did, but the safari window shrank against a black background, it was tilted at an angle and had a bar at the top with an x in the corner - like an old Mac window. This was weird. Used the button to drop out of it and restarted ok. Any of you seen anything like this?



@Bri_G Not sure what’s happening with the selection, but the second thing is the new safari design. Pinch and zoom out a lot and you will get the slanted window view. Don’t worry, tabs are still there as always.

Hi Guys,

Noted a slight problem in Codea. Using my iPad2, iOS8, when loading a new template the Create button (bottom right) is offset from the internal window. It responds from a touch where the Create label should be and then prints the label in the right place before opening the template. Trivial and probably easy to correct.



For me this glitch is happening as well (iOS 8.0, iPad Air). Also, whenever I tap and hold on one of the extra keys above the keyboard (like the tab key to move the code back), the button is very far away and in a weird place.

Sorry about these issues. Version 2.1 is nearly finished testing and resolves these problems.

@Bri_G - Is IOS 8 really slower on Ipad2 ? On which points ? I hesitate to update, I’d like to play with the new html/js new stuff…

Hi @toffer,

Getting used to iOS8, but it is slower generally. Annoying delay when you switch on!! I would wait for a while, I suspect Apple will be sending out updates pretty soon. Not sure what you mean about the new html/js stuff.

Someone should suggest to Apple that the updates should be about the core OS, with a lot of freeby frills and apps if you want them. That should keep the build small. They could also give you the option to swith off new trendy features. Even Windoze has a simple configure for speed or for looks. That way the owner can balance trendy versus practicality. Maybe there’s an app out there that can do that.



@Saturn031000 Slightly off-topic: my dad updated to iOS 8 over the air and it bricked his iPad too, luckily he had a backup though (still not sure why iTunes didn’t recognize mine).

@SkyTheCoder — It seems my friends are having the same problem. I guess I was lucky.