iOS 8 / OS X 10.10 Bugs

I’m assuming that you guys are holding off to make sure Codea runs well on the new software before releasing the next version? Here are some bugs I have found so far:

  • in iOS 8 the keyboard shortcut popups appear in wrong positions (the things that show up when you hold the “” button for example)

  • in OS X 10.10 Safari, Command + R does not reload Air Code, it just reloads the page

  • Air Code won’t open projects with an accent (é for example) in the name - this may have been an issue already, I haven’t used Air Code with one before.

  • Codea seems to crash more often in iOS 8, though that may not be Codea’s issue as other apps are crashy as well

  • All of the popups (ex: when you hold on a project) have changed to green and now appear sideways?

  • The New Project popup, create button is too far right

That’s all I’ve seen so far, will try and update this as new betas come out or I find new things.

Thanks @JakAttak, I’ll try to ensure iOS 8 compatibility into the next version.

@Simeon, that’s good to hear. I’m sure you guys are working hard :slight_smile: