iOS 8.3 & iExplorer

Just a heads up, the latest version of iExplorer for the Mac ( is now working ok with Codea transferring content to and from the documents folder.

Not sure about the PC version but I’m guessing it’ll probably work.


Unfortunately iFonbox on PC doesnt work with ios8.3. Its work with ios 7.0. It s a real problem to transfer a big number of png in asset folder easily and fast.

Well no luck for me using iExplorer to connect to an iPad Air 2 with iOS 8.3 - on the Mac (OS X 10.10.3) when trying to look at the Codea App folder I get this error message inside iExplorer: “This app does not have iTunes file sharing enabled. On devices with iOS8.3, the developer of the app must enable file sharing in order to access the app contents”.

Check you’ve got the latest version of itunes installed. I’ve got

I’m having reports from a friend of mine using Windows that iExplorer is still not working 100% - apparently the last update does allow access to files from app’s that have File Sharing turned on

And also from apps not installed via the app store (which is why I’m guessing that my beta copy is working).

@Simeon - I know we’ve covered this over and over but Is there any chance that the next update can have iTunes File Sharing enabled (see comments in the above link) - even if it’s just for assets and not code?

@TechDojo I’ll try. Apple told us to disable it in the past, but I think one might be able to appeal their decision in this case (it really is designed for you to use to backup your own code).

@Simeon - thanks for being so understanding about this. Like the rest of the forum I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making Codea the awesome app that it is!

Ps. Congrats again about the new baby! :wink: