iOS 8.2 and Codea

Has anyone updated to iOS 8.2 and run into any problems. Any problems with IOS 8.2 itself or Codea with iOS 8.2. If you have, list your device and the problem. If you updated and haven’t run into any problems, lets us know that also.

No problems yet. Updated about a week ago. I’m on an iPad Air 1.

@Saturn031000 Glad to hear no problems. I’m on an iPad Air 1 also and was waiting to update.

I have not had any problems on an iPad Mini 2

Updated as soon as it came out, no issues, iPad mini gen1

I just updated to 8.2 on an iPad Air 1. Too soon to report any problems.

I haven’t encountered any problems with codea + iOS 8.2 on my ipad3 yet

@Mr_Ninja - I was thinking of upgrading my wife’s iPad Mini (1st Gen) to iOS 8.2 - but was a bit worried about the slowdown (she’s on 6.???). Is there much of a difference?

@techdojo 6 to 7 was quite a jump for some, I hadn’t any slowness going from 6 to 7 when I had my iPad 3 and haven’t witnessed any slow down from 7 to 8 on my iPad air 1 so I don’t think it will affect it too much. Also last time I heard from a relative with iPad mini 1st gen they had ios7 with no problems or lag.

@TechDojo, 6 was the good days for my old Mini. Gets slower with every release… 7 to 8 was not bad though.

No issues. iPad Air 1, 8.2

On 8.2 with iPad 4th gen. No problems.
Edit: I’m having an issue where my app is crashing and I think it only happens on 8.2. It could be Codea related.