iOS 8.0.2

Has anyone downloaded 8.0.2 and did you run into any issues.

I have, no real difference vs 8.01 yet (but I think 8.02 was mainly aimed at phones).

Some apps have lags, and Codea (current release) crashes my iPad 3 all the way to the Apple icon and then off, sometimes.

Best not to go to 8 just yet if you haven’t, I suggest.

I’m staying on version 7 until everything is fixed.

I’m on ios8, and I find it quite similar to iOS 7 in terms of preformance. As for bugs, I haven’t found any except the Codea keyboard button appearing in random places on the screen, but that will be fixed in codea 2.1.

I’m running 8.02 without an issue. So… shrug.

you’re on the latest Codea beta, aren’t you? I’m on the release version.

@Ignatz Why don’t you have it installed if you’re a beta tester?

@SkyTheCoder I’m also a beta tester and I don’t have the beta version loaded. Things come up in life that takes precedence over testing. When the beta version came out, I couldn’t afford the time needed to test it. Maybe @Ignatz had something similar.

@Ignatz why you haven’t downgrade yet ?

P.s correct my mistakes if they occur

I haven’t installed the new beta because I took a break for a few months, and then I saw there were some bugs. I will install it soon.