iOS 7 Users

How many people here use Codea on iOS 7?

I’d very much like to make future updates (after version 2.3) iOS 8 only, this makes it possible to work on certain features (i.e., a universal version) which I would not do under iOS 7’s APIs.

i am still under ios7. But i’ll upgrade to ios8 sooner or later.

I am with @Jmv38 here, I work on iOS7 but I would be willing to update to iOS 8 if needed.

someday if i’m patient and not lazy, i will update to iOS8 from iOS7.

I only updated from ios 6 to 7 to get a Codea update, IMHO if you set the base version to 8 then most interested parties would follow.

@Simeon - Sorry to hijack this but what is the base version of iOS that exported apps require? Would this also increase to 8 (and is it possible to use an earlier version if we stay away from certain functions?)

@TechDojo it might if the sidebar functionality is included in exported apps. We could drop the sidebar for Xcode exports.

@Simeon - I think that’s worth considering as an option, I don’t know of many apps that use the sidebar in their final app store incarnation - and print output could be redirected to the device console (if it’s not already - I’ve never checked), but anything that widen’s an app’s target market is never a bad thing.

I am on iOS 7 mainly because i have an older device (iPad 2) and worry that iOS 8 will be too heavy for it.

@juce iOS 7 was slower IMO

Ooh, universal version… =P~

Im on iOS 8

iOS 8


@Juce - I upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 8 and it did seem to make a slight difference in speed, but after a while you get used to it.

I think a lot also depends on the available space, I’ve got a 64gb and I try and keep 3-5gb free.

iOS 8 here as well, only did that for codea <3 so as said by some people before, the people who wanna use codea, would upgrade the OS for it I think

iOS 8 here

iOS 8 here also, iOS 8 ran fine on my old iPad 2. I see no reason to not update.

Would love to see a universal version, I’m sure everyone would gladly update their iPhones to iOS 8 for universal Codea!

@Crumble, if you have an iPhone you should even think about coding on (read 6/6+), you’ll already have iOS 8!

@JakAttak I have the iPhone 5c :wink: , even though it would be tough coding on a small screen, it would be worth it to be able to use Codea whenever I have my phone on me, which is 24/7.

Anyone wanting to make apps will get ios 8 on all their devices anyway because Test Flight requires ios 8 now, and it makes ad-hoc testing super easy compared to how it used to be.

@Crumble well… A little more difficult than old Testflight (for the dev) IMO with the required review…