iOS 7 Style Codea Interactive Mockup 2

I’ve had this mockup sitting on my machine for a very long time. I decided to finish it today, so here it is:
App Taster file (suggested):
App Cooker file:
PDF file:

Just a quick note: You can swipe down on the main screen, if you are using App Taster.
This mockup was made a while ago, so I hadn’t really developed a taste for iOS 7 design, so it’s pretty dry. I wouldn’t suggest using this UI pixel for pixel, but something along these lines would do.

( @Simeon )

How do I run this?

@Zoyt I like this design, it’s simple and just looking at it I know where everything is. One thing I would advise is don’t let simplicity take over the design. I think the background would look better being a bit more colourful, maybe not an abstract image but rather blending of certain colours to create a nicer backdrop… other than that the simple colours are perfect!

P.s. I probably have the opinion I do due to the fact I don’t like the way iOS7 looks.

@SkyTheCoder - Get an app called App Taster on the App Store for free, and click the link.
@Luatee - As I said before, I designed this a long time ago, and just did some last quick things just now. If I were to redo it, I’d probably take the green, make bars on the side of the screen (like on the forums) and have a washed out photo in the background.

@Zoyt from what I can make in my head that’d look perfect! I think they should adopt a new look for Codea, not any time soon as we’ll miss out on all the other wonders they have, but in the future yeah :slight_smile: