iOS 7 Installed

Hi All,

Just installed iOS 7, took two installs - last night failed (probably overloaded servers). Now up and running - first impressions - ughhhhh, what a poor looking interface compared to the class system Apple usually provide.

Tried a few programs on Codea - seems to work fine, I’ll report any issues as I find them. Anyone have any ideas on the benefits of this release. Heard about the joystick access but I’m sure we would need Codea upgrades to take advantage of it - is that the case @Simeon?



You like skeomorphic, huh? I quite like it, much cleaner.

Hi @Ignatz,

Yeah … I Like Skeo…whatsit. I know it’s only 2D but the icon images of iOS pre 7 ooze quality and give the impression of 3D.

I am not a great fan of fashion (fashion translated reads give us yur money!!). I’m a pragmatist and see no reason to change what is good for what is the current vogue. This a retro desktop and, ironically, a retrograde step for me.

I just hope the OS actually proves to be better (under the hood). I hope Apple haven’t lost their vision. From a company that symbolizes style this smacks of a desperation to follow the newest trend.

Gripes over (for now).



I also quite like it

It has pros and cons about it

I like the clean flat look of it in general.

But, the excessive animations, zooming in and zooming out etc aren’t completely to my taste, but I’ll live with it.

The thing I HATE is the new sub folders, while adding multiple pages in a folder of apps is good, reducing it from 16 to 9 apps per page in sub folders, especially on the iPad, absolutely stinks. It means rather than the paging making it better, it almost makes me want to stop using sub folders at all.

The thing I wanted for years has finally been implemented. Infinite folder size. I never understood why steve jobs wanted to limit the folder size. I had to make multiple folders for all my games. But now, everything in one!

It doesn’t bother me - but I’m fairly underwhelmed to be honest.

Glad they’ve ditched the awful comic-sans style font in ‘Notes’ and if ‘Calendar’ was any more minimal, it might be worth going back to a paper version hanging on the wall. :slight_smile:

My only real gripe is icon/font sizes, which seem to be on the verge of illegible in certain cases. The ‘recharge’ icon is a good example, you now need a scanning electron microscope to see if your iPhone is charging.

But I digress from the point of the original post. Anyone know whether all these bells and whistles drain the battery more? I’m sure its worse :-/

Actually, to my surprise my battery on iPad mini holds a lot longer.

For some reason the keyboard in codea is still ios 6 type. Do you need to update to change the look of the keyboard? If so then I personally don’t want the ios 7 keyboard, for some reason it’s very glitchy and takes a lot of time to shift even from the the alphabets to the numbers. Does anyone know why? Or is it just me?

@Saurabh we will be updating Codea to iOS 7, but it’s a huge amount of work for us and it’s still ongoing. When it is ready, the keyboard will update to the new type.

But don’t you feel the keyboard in iOS 7 is slower than that on iOS 6? cause I’m feeling that way.

So far I’m not too sure. What I’m finding under iOS 7 is that text views are usually slower, so the keyboard feels less responsive.

However in my re-write of the Codea code editor I have built the text editor from scratch. It is many times faster than the built in text views, I hope that it will feel responsive enough with the new keyboard.

Oh cool, Thanks!!

Is anyone else having the problem where it just says checking for updates? It stays like it for ever! Usually you get the little 1 in the box next to software updates

No mine shows iOS 7.0 the software is up to date.

I must be the only person in the world with this problem! I looked everywhere and nothing, everywhere being google ofcourse…

@Luatee , I had a similar problem and it only resolved when I rebooted :wink:

Dont worry @andymac3d I tried that straight away!

Hi @Luatee,

I had the problem first installation that failed. Found I’'d a lot of updates in my queue (17) so installed them and the next OS install went through really fast. Hope that helps.