iOS 6

Anyone any experience with codea and iOS 6 Beta? Write here, i will as i try

I was entertaining the notion, but I dont want to end up in a position where many of the apps I use don’t work.

yeah, me too, but i know myself, i cannot usually resist very long :wink:

I will probably wait till Beta 2. The features seem awesome, but with no way back… its just not worth it.

Edit: I’m saying this while I install the new iTunes which I never use…

It will be interesting to hear how it goes for you.

I downloaded the beta as soon as it came out and so far all of my apps run fine including Codea.

I’ve used TinyUmbrella before with success to give me a “way back”. I’ve not done it recently though so caveat caveat.

I upgraded right as it went up knowing I an restore. It’s nearly bugless, compared to iOS 5 beta 1. The only problem is with a few crashes in photos and problems with slow networks. Otherwise, it’s amazing. There are no issues installing from everyone I’ve heard of (about 8).

Oh. Not to mention, with same result that I’ve heard from about 3 others, everything is faster. Webpages, app downloads, and takes less battery power it seems. I’ll run some tets eventually probably.

Too bad iOS 6 doesn’t support iPad1. Please, don’t make the next Codea be iOS 6 exclusive. At least not this year. Please… [-O<

Got 2 iPads (2nd and New) here with Codea and iOS6 on it.

New iPad (aka iPad3) flawless, no problems at all.
iPad2 ‘seems’ slower, nothing major, just ‘seems’ to drag a little compared to normal.

The new iPad isn’t even got into my country yet. The iPad2 just officially came in a few months ago. Roughly there is about 6-8 months delay (sometimes even more) for Apple products being released here. :frowning:


Siri!!! WoW I :X Siri

some memory issues sometimes, when i start my game now, it just kills codea, i do a restart, and then it works… and it has maybe half the fps…