Internationalization / localization in Codea apps

I’d love to be able to support a few languages in my app I’m planning to release to the app store. Is there any way to get the user’s current language settings?

Not at the moment. But this is something we have started thinking about since releasing the Codea Runtime Library.

I think we’ll be able to come up with a satisfactory solution that is modelled on iOS’s localisation system.

Localisation works in iOS by defining your strings for each localisation you wish to support. The OS automatically chooses the set of strings to use inside your App by checking the user’s locale against your supported locales.

You could always just create a series of tables (one per language) with each unique string in the same place, that would make it easy to code up a language select screen and then depending on which language (or flag) selected, you just choose the appropriate table.

You would then access each string via the current table and a constant index.

Yeah - that’s what I’m doing… I was just hoping I could get a clue about what to default to!