Interesting Article and PDP8 Emulator written with Codea

I was reading Robert C Martin’s (Uncle Bob) blog the other day and stumbled accross this fascinating post discussing why there are so many different programming languages.

But what really caught my eye was the emulator he had written with Codea, I haven’t tried it yet, but its definitely got some cogs turning in my head :wink:

Does anyone know of any other emulators written with Codea or is Uncle Bob’s the first?

nice links, thanks.

Your welcome @Jmv38 :slight_smile:

@Simeon You may be interested to see this too considering Uncle Bob’s renown :slight_smile:

Edit: Especially the Github Page where Bob has some comments on Codea itself

The GUI stuff is not test driven, but the processor and bit manipulations are. I test the GUI stuff in a very tight loop, in the TDD style, but there’s no good way to write unit tests against the Codea platform. That doesn’t matter too much since the edit/test loop is so fast when working with the GUI.

Refactoring in this environment (iPad screen, and bluetooth keyboard) is not ideal. There’s no refactoring browser, nor any really helpful tools. Even selecting code on the screen is a pain. Fingers are nowhere near as precise as a mouse. Therefore, my functions are generally too large, and I have a significant backlog of cleanup to do. But I’m doing it. Be patient.

I think @Simeon , or someone at TwoLivesLeft tweeted this when Uncle Bob first posted it.

@XanDDemoX and if you’re interested in Codea shout-outs from coding legends, see also this:

Would have definately missed that @yojimbo2000 :slight_smile:

Awesome read @yojimbo2000 thanks :slight_smile: