Interacting with the world

I’m pretty new to Codea, but find that it does have some great use for prototyping and quick one-off ideas. One thing I’m interested in is working with external devices. I know that sockets have come and gone from the API, and url support is coming, but here’s another idea…

Would it be possible in any way to add support for a device such as this iOS-serial cable or this homebrew headphone jack interface ? It would be another way to bring another aspect of Processing to the iOS world.

techBasic supports the Hijack. I would love it if Codea did as well…

Would love to have support for serial or USB io as well

Wow ,this software is epic:

looks cool, and I am a BASIC junkie, ,bu the lack of OpenGL is a big minus.

I think this link may be of some interest to you… Try here also.

techBASIC just released support for Bluetooth LE, too. It doesn’t do standard Bluetooth, so you need an iPhone 4s or iPad 3, but it does connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth LE device.