input / output

Hi guys,
I was very excited in discovering Codea, since I love to program and I hate the way Apple was forcing me to do it (iOS sdk etc).

I don’t know Lua yet but it seems reasonably powerful - I just wanted to be reassured on a point that it’s still unclear, and important to me since I’m not interested in programming games:
how much support is present for the input/output of files?

thank you!

Hi @alexxx - have a look at the Codea reference docs on storage ( That will give you an idea of what is available.

thank you!
… unfortunately I see that at most I can be able to save data accessible from other Codea programs.
I hope to be able to save data (e.g. a datafile, the result of a simulation, etc) in a way accessible to the outside world, e.g. Dropbox

If you’re not interested in games and you want to do more file input/output, look on the app store for iLuaBox. That has a lot of support for files but doesn’t support graphics yet. Well, it had some graphics early on until Apple didn’t like it and made them remove it. There are different version of iLuaBox depending on what you’re interested in.


I think that file IO is probably the most requested feature for Codea lately. For now, you might Check out the http.request in Codea, which could be used to post results of a simulation to a website / online database.

This page from the wiki may be of interest to you.