In-Editor Reference Window

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I did not see it in this part of the forum or on the bugs list.

I have the reference bar open. A lot. As in all the time right now as I have to look up all the fun commands as I type them in. If I do more than one or two searches looking for the command I want, pretty soon the index panel gets overrun by the actual reference panel. Sometimes, closing and opening the sidebar fixes it, sometimes, closing the project and reopening does it.

I restarted the iPad (running os7.04) and the issue still crops up. Very annoying… :confused:

Can you explain a little more about what happens? Does the documentation sidebar fail to show up?

Never has this, what do you mean by index panel? The reference panel being the one that goes graphics, shaders/mesh,lua etc…

How to explain? There are three panels: the main Reference panel, the index panel you see with your search results, and then the actual viewing panel.

It’s the last panel that covers over the others. You can see them at the bottom, peeking out, yearning to be free.

Can you send me a screenshot, @syntonica? It sounds like a bug and it would help me fix it.

Of course, now that I try to make it happen, nada. When I see it again, I’ll post a screenshot.

@syntonica I spent 5 minutes fiddling with the reference search bar and the panels and no bug occurred… Is there a specific way you’re doing it? I’m on 7.0.4 too.

I think my iPad is just whack this week

Just repeated use using the search field seems to trigger it.

Might not be the bug you are talking about, but when you highlight something and click ‘Lookup’, it opens up the reference, but when you click the eye to close it it opens it again and then you can click the eye to close it,