In-app purchase and Codea

i’ve looked and couldn’t find any info about how to add in-app purchasing to a Codea project.

Would it be possible for someone to make a quick guide about how to do this? Is it possible to add IAP to codea projects?

Has this been seen or is it too difficult?

I am struggling with adding inapp :(, and it is the last piece of knowledge I am missing in my quest to make an app…Help please someone, anyone!!

Check out @reefwing’s tutorials. I think he has one for this.

I couldn’t find one for in-app on the @reefwing site. He does have one for game center and everything else but none for in-app. It’s like the only tutorial he’s missing!

Any idea how to contact him and make a recommendation? still stuck…:frowning:

Hi @david19801, there is a new version of the runtime being developed at the moment and I was waiting for that to come out, before doing an IAP tute.

Having said that if your code isn’t using any of the latest Codea additions, then the process is exactly the same as for game center and iAds. Which bit are you geting stuck with:

  1. Linking the required Objective C methods into Codea? or
  2. The Objective C methods required to implement IAP?

I just sent you a message asking for a tutorial! :slight_smile:

I actually haven’t done the game center or iads tutorial yet because they said to have a complete app made before adding that functionality. But I have read them.

Do you think it is definitely possible to do in-app though? my main problem is knowing how to add the different parts. Like how to activate the in-app, store it, let users buy it…and where to put the code…basically everything your tutorials cover!

Also, any idea when the new runtime will be released?

Definitely possible, even if you just do it in Xcode and overlay that on your Codea view. I’m just finishing off another App, but if I get a chance I will try and whip up a quick tutorial over the weekend.

Thanks! I’ll add a link here to the main post when it’s done so others can find it later too.

Hi reefwing, if you ever did the in-app purchase tutorial, pls share! :slight_smile:

Hi @zapaper - sorry I haven’t done it yet. Sidetracked on another project! I will try again to find some time to pump one out on the weekend.

BTW - make sure you stick the @ symbol before the name of the person you are posting to otherwise they don’t get an email notification of the post. I just stumbled over this comment by chance.

Oh thanks for that, was wondering why everyone uses that notation :stuck_out_tongue:
Let me know if u had time to doit @reefwing. Really helpful nowadays when many of the apps are going for the freemium model.