Import PNG with transparency

Hi! I have imported a transparent PNG from my Photo gallery using sprite(name) but I’m getting a white background covering the extents of the image. I know that this image has transparency, as importing it into Photoshop yields a transparent background as expected. What am I doing wrong?

Okay, pasting it from the Gallery,rather than importing it seems to respect the transparency. Why does the straight import not work?

The iOS photo picker deletes transparency — unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. If you want to get your files in with everything preserved, it’s probably best to use Dropbox to get your sprites in.

You can do it by code too if:
1- you put the image at a web adress (in picasa for instance).
2- you read it with httpaccess().
3- you use the save image function.

Thanks, guys, for the information. I will probably be posting a lot in the next while until I get up to speed, and I appreciate everyone’s help! I am finding the documentation really sparse and access to resources is quite obfuscated. And not very SEO-friendly either, it turns out: typing “Codea wiki” into Google only yields the wiki as the 6th or 7th result! (Below some article disparaging Codea, even!) Have you considered setting up a proper MediaWiki somewhere? I’m sure the community would pitch in to populate with great content.

We just had a discussion about forum search. The best solution at the moment is :
typing after your search term in Google will restrict the results to only those from the twolivesleft domain

I’m not sure why other folks are having trouble with images that pass through the photo library, but I do this all the time without losing transparency info, I generally edit images using desktop tools, then email them to myself. I download the emails to photo library, and import them to documents. No problem with transparency,

Images downloaded to photos from the web also work fine.

.@Mark that’s surprising. I loose transparency too when the ios camera roll is in the path…

One thing to note: if in Safari you “save image” inside an email (in gmail or any other web-based email I’ve tried) you lose transparency. If, however, you open the image and then save image, transparency is maintained. I don’t know why it makes a difference, but it does.

Here’s a good example on a web site, if you go to this page

Touch the horse icon, and “save image,” it will be saved without transparency.

However, if you select the 128x128 file, you’ll go to this page.

Save image from here, and transparency is maintained.

I’ve never seen transparency lost in the photo picker, so long as it gets downloaded from Safari with transparency intact.

.@Mark you are right.

.@Mark you are right. I was thinking about when you sync photos from your iPhoto library to the device, it destroys the transparency information.