ImageToProject - Converts your project to an Image!

Hey All, here is a little app that will allow you to select a project. It will encode the project to an image. You can also run projects that are saved as an image. Currently all images are saved to documents. Creating the image is slow becuase of string.dump. I couldnt figure out a way to show its loading status at this point.

I’m not sure if there is any current practical use but I’d like some feedback and/or any ideas you may have.

Ah, so that’s why when I copied it earlier and tried it out it just said Loading. I guess I just didn’t wait long enough being as impatient as I am, hehe.

I’ll have to try this out again and let it sit longer.

There are more loading indicators with % done. I just couldn’t find a way to show string.dumps speed.

I tried this and as far as I can tell it doesn’t work… It says Image Loaded but nothing happens

I just reinstalled the above copy and it worked. It will run the projects setup and draw/touch functions. Also as a note. you can not have any includes in the project. Can you try it with a different project and let me know if it works?

@Briarfox you are calling string.dump on the entire project upfront which is probably be why it’s taking a long time :wink: if you do it on a per - tab basis you could report progress based on number of tabs “dumped” vs number remaining :slight_smile:

Duh! Thats right! I had thought about that yesterday and forgotten about it! Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve only been trying it with the Life Sim one that the first version created

oh that wont work. That image doesn’t have a setup and draw.

I tested it on a different program and it works. Nifty program, but not sure it has any practical uses

why not? it is by far simpler to use as gist or even git repos… another advantage (for paranoiac people :-)), it is stored locally, or on dropbox, if you prefer. very cool idea, as I think…

EDIT: I actually over-read this … I meant this project by @Ignatz
I knew I saw this idea somewhere before… :wink:

Thats right! I had forgotten about that. oh well, good learning experience :slight_smile: