Images on forums

Hi all!

I finally got a used MacBook pro, so am using Xcode 6 finally, and its time for me to make the tutorial on submitting your app to apple for iOS devices. However, I will be posting at least 20 pictures to make it as easy to follow as possible, but I don’t see any option for posting images to these forums. I have seen it done, can anyone tell me how you do it?

Noob question I know…

Thanks bud

No problem.

You can also use some HTML tags, like the <img> tag.

So I take it I need to use photobucket? No images saved on forums?

@Crumble There are a lot of places to store images. There’s an app on the App Store that I use pretty frequently called Image Link, and it lets you upload files and get the links for them pretty easy. (For some reason, images on the Forums are really big, I usually scale them down using another app called >Resize) I’ve also recently tried using the Documents app by Readdle to upload images to my website, which works great, too.

I usually edit my images to smaller size in a paint program, then use Photobucket to create a link for the forum.