Image picker

It would be really great if the image API could take a filename and therefore use the picker. It would also be great if empty quotes could take a long press and allow the user to choose an image. Important when creating wrapper APIs like I’m doing:

img = display.newImage(“”) – long press to use image picker

Either that or use some sort of doc-comment to identify the few special params you have:

@param: imageName:SpriteImage (where SpriteImage is a token of your choice to display the image picker)
function display.newImage(imageName)

Background is I’m creating a simple little scene-graph runtime so I can use Codea to educate my kids - they are already having fun, but I want to hide more of the pluming to start with. Losing the image picker would be an unfortunate usability loss. Eventually, I’d could see extending the github Codea runtime, so that my framework (in lua) is native when compiled, for extra speed.

Actually, even simpler would be to add a couple of tool buttons to display image or color picker, and insert values at caret…