I'm new to coding

Hello! I am totally new to coding, and I have a few questions. I wonder if you guys have any tips for a guy like me. I have bought Codea and such, and I understand the guides and the concept, but I find it really hard to make something by myself.

How long did it take for you guys to code easily by yourself? And what language is Codea using?

I would really appreciate some good answers, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome @FinnChristian - Codea uses a language called Lua. There are some tutorials at http://codeatuts.blogspot.com.au/ that can help get you started. It wont take you long to get a basic program up and going.

Hello @FinnChristian. The Codea Wiki (links above or to the right) is a source of reference information or links to it, as well as other tutorials.


I have a lot of tutorials at

Codea is a graphical program built on top of a scripting language, Lua, which is simple (it doesn’t have hundreds of commands like some languages), but that can make it more complex sometimes because one command can do many things.

You can expect it to take several weeks before you start to feel you know what you are doing. This is quite normal, so just keep learning and practising, learn from other people’s code and the tutorials, and ask if you get stuck.

I have been using it for a couple of months, and it is the most programming fun I’ve had in a very long time, and a million times easier than trying to program an app using apple’s software.

I have some tuts up at:

And it took me a while before I got a basic understanding, but just don’t stop trying and you will get it

I’ve been at Codea for about two months now and I am making my own game, which works, and that’s not really a problem, occasionally I need to asks for help, and my UI is very primitive but give it a few months and you’ll be making stuff no prob

Thank you guys so much for the responds! Really motivating:D