If the Codea app/forum grows to much, what do you think might happen?

For me, I think there will be tons of people paying money for others to make apps for them. What do you think might happen?

Lets just hope we get there first! Just kidding its too easily adaptable for people to not be able to learn it, then again they may be too lazy or lack interest to learn so it could happen… Maybe we will see a lot of contribution, well there’s enough now but there’s always room to expand on the Internet!

@Luatee Agreed, hopefully we will have a active community who helps each other out, how knows!

I think one of the hurdles is the pipeline to getting apps actually published. The CodeaBuilder post from the last couple of days (http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/3801/codeaprojectbuilder-a-codea-build-machine) is the sort of thing that is needed for people to fully realise projects…

Also libraries of useful algorithms and components set up in an organised way would really speed up stuff. I’m three months into my game project and have had to write (or port, or steal ;):

ViewManager for different screens

UIManager for resizable/hierarchical panels and buttons

Pathfinding algorithms

Raycasting algorithms (e.g. Bresenham) for line-of-sight

Gesture recognition algorithms

Various intelligent random generation functions for clustered objects

Touch manager for pinch/zoom, long press, multiple tapCount detection (when is a 3 tap not a 2 tap :wink:

and so on…


I’d assume that Codea would then turn into your standard big company, with tons of people who might love the products, but can never talk to the devs anymore, can’t get their thoughts in, or get help. And there might be a lot of trollers/spammers/flamers.

I like a smaller community, like now, where you know pretty much everyone and can recognize their name/avatar.