If no more storage available iPad - What happens then on saveImage()?

Assume your iPad’s storage is full. What would happen to your app when use saveImage()? @Simeon

Why not test it and report back here :slight_smile:

I thought someone maybe knows that already…

Most apps just crashed when I tried to open them or do anything in them when I was completely full, even including the Photos app (which makes it a bit hard to delete stuff). Some others simply didn’t save anything I had done in them.

@SkyTheCoder thank you for sharing your experience.

I’ll report back as soon as I’ve tested it with my app…

@se24vad I’m only one fourth full on storage so I’ll go download the extended cutt of The Lord Of the Rings and get back to you.

@Goatboy76 thank you! I’ll wait for your report! - …since I even haven’t so much data to fill up 32GB of space :slight_smile:

EDIT: In the meantime, I’ve successfully implemented unlimited undo/redo functionality for my drawing app! :smiley: I’ll share the code when all testing goes well…

@se24vad Sorry to get your hopes up but I was just cracking a joke at how long The Lord of The Rings movies are, sorry. I really dont have the means to fill up 32 gb either.

:stuck_out_tongue: didn’t get that :smiley: no problem. will test ist out somehow :wink:

PS: Here is the unlimited undo/redo functionality in action. Excuse the missing GUI.