If and what is the max line limit as well as the max characters per line.

I would like to read a file with 1853 line of text with each line content between 302 and 512 characters, would this be a problem as I have pasted into a tab and the errors with something too close to line 5 { . I have tried to read directly from a file but have had no luck getting that to work.

Update a line can contain 512 characters

@Jazmal What kind of file are you trying to read and where do you have it. File io works in Codea but isn’t documented well.

Sorry for the delay in replying , the file was xls but changed it to a basic txt file by adding speech marks and commas in between data, then copy and pasted straight into their own tabs and read the data using impairs. When I wanted to update the info sometimes codea would not let me so I had to use the txt file to do the updates and then repasted back to the tabs. Just wanted to know the line limits so I could adjust the text files so it should be easier to amend info in codea instead of going the long way round.