iExplorer process for adding files?

Could someone please write up a quick procedure for taking a .lua file from my computer (a mac but i can live with a PC process), into a project in Codea, using iExplorer? iExplorer is powerful enough to destroy the world and seems to come without instructions.

I can see how to get a file from somewhere onto the mac. Called foo.lua, I suppose. What I have guessed is:

Create project in Codea.

(Seems to be necessary to exit Codea, at least sometimes, so it will see the changes?)

Attach project folder or some higher folder into Finder?

Drag file into Codea project folder?

What else? Someone said something about info.plist?


    * iExployer version 3
    * Komodo Edit (free) -- Editor of my choice

1) Create a Project in Codea (say Test)
2) Create a new file call Foo
3) Close project Test -- required anytime editing is performed from remote editor
4) Open iExployer
    * Left panel - expand Apps
    * Find Codea in the center panel and expand - then expand Documents
    * Your Project is: Test.codea
    * Right click on Test.codea and select "Mount as Disk" - popup occurs; select Okay
    * Finder window will now open
5) Open Komodo Edit 
    * Drag Foo.lua onto Komodo Edit
    * Drag foo.lua (the one that was downloaded onto the mac) to Komodo Edit
    * You now have two files open in the editor
    * Copy foo.lua to the clip board. (Cmd A -- then Cmd C)
    * Select Foo.lua - past the clip board onto the file (Cmd V)
    * Remove foo.lua from the Editor (not required anymore)
6) Save the file (Cmd S)
7) Before the iPad is disconnected from the mac
    * Close the Komodo (otherwise the files will be referencing an unmounted disk)
    * Right click on Test.codea and select Eject
    * Close iExployer
8) Do not make any changes to Data.plist or Info.plist

I perform most of my editing from the mounted iPad.
You need to close the open Project (Test) before file(s) are saved from the Editor

In a future version of Codea, it would be desirable to have the Editor in Codea be aware that a file was saved from iExployer.

Thanks … I gather that your way, all the plist stuff is done and managed by Codea. Makes sense to me! Thanks again!