iCloud Support for Apps?

Does Codea have iCloud functions for your Apps?

I am trying to develop an app that requires the ability to sync over multiple devices and I would like to use iCloud for this task.

Then you have to implement it yourself, inside of XCode (with Obj or Swift). Codea don’t support iCloud atm…

@se24vad But how?

Google it! There are thousands of tutorials on the web. Thats not really a topic for Codea but rather its a topic on its own. Pretty complicated stuff for a beginner though … and you’ll need to have a apple developer subscription to get going…

Didn’t @Zoyt build something like this in his ObjC plugins for Codea?

I have an interest in this as well to take advantage of subscriptions and notifications. I have not worked with it yet, so not sure if it is possible. However, have you looked at CloudKit JS? A new library announced at WWDC.

@kbbean No, CloudKit JS would be useless here. First of all, I believe that @jaj_TheDeveloper is looking for a way to synchronize files via iCloud, not use CloudKit. In the second place, to create a JavaScript instance to run the CloudKit JavaScript library, you’d have to either run it on a server somewhere or create a JavaScript instance via Swift or Objective C. At that stage, you might as well just write a CloudKit wrapper for Lua.

@Rdolphe I don’t believe I’d ever done anything with iCloud in my Objective C add ons, which don’t work now anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: I did develop a GameCenter wrapper which might help sync scores between devices.

Hope that helps!

@Zoyt I would need it for the program, not codea backup.