IAdsAddOn showing adds on test device but not in app store ?

I’ve followed the tutorial from codeatuts.blogspot.com.au and added IAdsAddOn.h + IAdsAddOn.m

and set to compile IAdsAddOn.m in xcode, registered the addon in AppDelegate.mm, and added

the iAd @property in AppDelegate.h and when I test the app on real hardware using xcode, the test

ad appears and works fine, however after publishing the app there’s no ads. Ads are enabled in

itunes connect and it’s not my first app using ads, so I don’t think the issue is there. Any ideas ?

@escape75 is there a black banner instead of the ad. If there’s no banner at all, you could have the screen dimension set so you can’t see the banner

Nothing is showing, no black banner, etc. and yet when running
on the device itself from xcode it works, so unless Apple strips
the iAd code (unlikely) or the iAddAddOn works different after
publishing I don’t see why it just disappears after publishing ?

Weird! They just started showing up… I guess it takes a day or so

after approval before the ads actually start showing up …

strange, but then the banner might be hidden cause of no ads are showen cause of approval. the iad code probebly has code to hide the code if no ad can get through.

Now I have ads in Beelicious. :frowning:

I already have the Google Search app!

Yeah, the ads work, but better than paying a $1 for the app :slight_smile:
Try to beat my score,- 15500 hehe.

Off topic but my post ment to say code to hide ads if no ad can get through. I blame auto correct and text filler >:P

Double post