iAd usage improvements?

Has the usage of iAd improved at all? I remember trying to use it a year ago and it was a disaster with the lua. Anyone have links to tutorials or sample work?

I got iAds working by using this template:


It’s essentially a blank Codea project that is exported and iAds and Gamecenter are set up in it. You just export your Codea project to your mac, copy and paste the lua code from your project into the main.lua in the template, then copy your art/sound assets and icons from your project to the template’s folders. Then add showAdFromTop()/showAdFromBottom() and hideAd() to the lua code, and it just works.

Will have to change the Bundle name and stuff in Xcode to your projects name before submitting.

The only problem is that iAds only seem to work in portrait mode with that template.

Crumble thanks, amazing

Anyone know why the showAdFromBottom() would work perfectly at first, but when reset() is used, error: attempt to call ‘showAdBottom’ (a nil value), is output?