Is this meant to be in codea? Email export and “open in codea” menus? If not, please delete this post or what ever you need to do, but if not… THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!

That is not meant to be in there. I think I accidentally submitted the beta version by mistake. Please don’t use this feature — it is buggy and doesn’t work (hasn’t been maintained since it was removed).

But @Simeon, that was approved by Apple… Oh, okay.

Yeah, Apple didn’t catch it, unfortunately. I’ll have to submit a 1.4.6 patch that removes these features.

1.4.6 has been submitted and correctly removes these features. Apologies for the mix-up.

Good I can not update my pad app’s :smiley:

won’t do you a lot of good if nobody is exporting .codea files for you to import, and nobody can use the files you export…

I no I’m being silley :slight_smile: