I need some pointers on making an on screen joystick [RESOLVED]

You probably know me as the most anoying person on here.
I have been trying for 2 weeks to google research and program an on screen virtual joystick.
I have found nothing…
If you could give me any pointers that would be great!
Yours truly

@TheRogueBatcher anytime. I didn’t write it, I just found it and made it more accessible.

Thanks. I was on windows 7. Now here on ipad2 the long press works great.

Actually short pressing works too. : – )

@TheRogueBatcher You’re not the most annoying person on here…

I hope SkyUI will have a built-in joystick (with multiple styles). For now though, the others have some good examples.

@Dwight Welcome to the Codea Forums! That’s a Codea Community project, you long press that little broken image icon, select copy, then go back to your Codea, long press new project, select paste into project, and choose a name. Press done and it’s installed.

Thanks guys you did more work than I asked for WOW

Ps a special thanks to whoever made the joystick example

I plugged joystick into the search box.


I’m creating a project with the examples for you.

@TheRogueBatcher Not sure if this is what you’re after. Just touch the screen and move in any direction.


function setup()

function draw()
    background(40, 40, 50)
    sprite("Planet Cute:Character Boy",cx,cy)
    if x + y>0 then
        ellipse(x,y,8)    -- draw circle center
        ellipse(x,y,200)    -- draw outer circle

function touched(t)
    if t.state==BEGAN then    -- starting center point
    elseif t.state==MOVING then
    elseif  t.state==ENDED then    -- done moving

By @Nat


Good Afternoon -
Please forgive my noobness. When I go to that link:

I get an air-code like project. But I am unable to look at the other tabs. I can only see the first tab.

@Dwight are you on an ipad1? Try long pressing the icon next to where it says touch and longpress the icon. Click copy and paste into a new project.

Well thanks anyway for the effort

There is an old class out here called controllers. Confusing but effective. Used it in Cofender code.

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