I need more SuperCraft Devlopers

I’m looking for new Devlopers for my game I’m making, I only have one Devloper at the time, SuperCraft is a 3D game made from the project “3D Blocks” so far I added more blocks, I need someone who knows at least “Knows how to code” I need someone who knows how to switch to one scene to another tell me if you want to help out or anything twitter: @_SuperCraft @gmail: SuperCraftDEV@gmail.com

If you’re finding it too hard to do your own programming, I think you need to explain why someone else would want to do it for you.

Sounds like you want someone to make minecraft for you. Try learning how to do it yourself.

The other thing I’ve seen on various building/crafting style games is to build data structures and the underlying engine so that types of blocks, crafting and building rules can be expressed as simplified “data” for each block. That way you can get the build out of variety to expressing JSON objects or something to define each thing you can make, lower the dev effort for extending the scope of the game.

Then you aim for getting it out there and letting the community modders build content…

It’s easy to switch scenes if you take this code:

Scene1 = 1
Scene2 = 2
Current_Scene = Scene1
If Current_Scene == Scene1 then
--Code below
--code below

I don’t want someone to do the coding for me I need someone to help me make it I’m a noob at coding

And also I wanted to make a game like minecraft

Minecraft is not something you should be coding as a “noob.” I would recommend starting with something much, much simpler.

You got a point

Sorry but SkyTheCoder is right