I need help with a project I'm working on

Hi everyone, ive been working on making an overhead game lately(not 3d, 2d like the original Zelda games) I found out about the tile maps and how they make drawing the levels easier, but I can’t find a way to match physics bodies to the stuff I draww with my tile maps. I would appreciate any help, and I’m very thankful in advance for anyone whom may help.

Why don’t you tell us a bit more about how the game works, and how you are using physics?

@Ignatz I’m very greatful how quickly you responded, but anyway the game so far is a dude walking around a screen with a block that stops him if he walks into it(yeah, not much, I know XD). I plan on using physics.bodies inside the blocks that the player may run into while controlling the character. I started the game yesterday just to experiment with the overhead genre and I started drawing the first obstacle but than I realized after making a simple block that stops the player when he runs into it that it would take forever to draw many of these, so I found out about the shortcut where you make a map out of numbers basically ex…


If you need more details like screenshots of what I have just tell me but that’s my story so far, and thank you greatly for your time sir/madam

Oh wait yeah but my problem is how do I put physics.bodies into the blocks that I draw with this method @Ignatz

You don’t need physics blocks


Lol wow that’s really simple thanks a bunch bud I’ll take a look at it and report back if I have any problems still, thanks you a bunch and I hope you have a great night bud. If you need anything in return just tell me if I can help in any way @Ignatz