HTML5 library equivalent to Codea

Codea has been amazing for protyping and experimenting. I enjoy the flow and style of coding in the Codea environment, however I’m curious if there’s an HTML5 game library similar or equitable to Codea. Please advise if any of you have suggestions!

there is no ‘equivalent’. However, you could try ‘procoding’ that is javascript+html. It will be slower and more obfuscated though.

I realize there isn’t a straight-up equivalent. What I should have said is more of something that is very similar. A graphics library for HTML5 that is similarly coded.

i think ‘procoding’ app provides a library and many example of graphics, in html5.

Found a possible solution, although it’s not really similar to Codea. Pixi.js appears to be a nice library for graphical work and auto-detects browsers. Seems to even handle touches on the iPad quite nicely. I’ll give this a go.

If Pixi.js works well then it seems like I’ll do all my prototyping in Codea and bring it to Pixi.

These two js libs are based on the principles of Processing (which inspired Codea), mainly the second one: and Also I saw someone started a Codea → html converter in the past, I can’t remember who and when and the project state, but you should be able to find the github repos easily.

Also have a look at paper.js

it would be great to be able to design web pages using codea, especially the webpages to advertise any apps that we make with codea. Anyone expert enough in codea and html to take on such a codea → webpage converter project?

@toffer, I believe you are remembering something @Zoyt said he was going to do, but I don’t believe he ever actually got around to making it.

@JakAttak, I don’t know if it’s Zoyt’s project but it was this one : @piinthesky yeah, a Codea web player would be cool…

@toffer, interesting. No, the Zoyt one I was remembering was this:

@tnlogy also made one here: HTML Runtime/CodeaRuntime.html

Yes, I made a small proof of concept, my conclusing is that it should be possible, but someone have to put some time and effort into it. But there are some nice lua runtimes written for javascript available, and with webgl you could do the shader stuff.

@JakAttak - Sorry. Haha. I’ve stopped using Codea completely, so it’s moderately useless to me now, especially since I don’t really make games anymore. If you need tips on anything with HTML, JavaScript, or whatever, feel free to iMessage me.