Html formatting in forum

You can use html tags:

 < pre lang = " lua " > 

And then close it with the diagonal line:

 < / pre > 

But remove the spaces between the sysmbols
the attribute


will make this marking:

function S(key) print("Key:" .. key) end
function test()
S("test key")
-- Test for comment


Here are html tags: (remove the space)

 < b > bolden text < / b > 

Will do: bolden text

 < i > italic < / i >

Will do: italic

 < u > underline < / u > 

Will do:  underline 

 < a href = " " > A link < / a > 

Will do: A link

More tags {only they're type and explain}:


s - Marks the text as line in middle (ex.: content deleted...)
h1 - Very big text


Content deleted

Very big text

You can also use p - tags. About br example: (I WROTE THIS TEXT IN ONE LINE:) I wrote this text in one line. Create an < b r > tag between every of the word (don't close with < / b r > ) I
line. Script code: (testing) ~~~ Cool text with colored
text, and ... ~~~ Cool text with colored
text, and ... More scripts: ~~~ I
this text
in one line
~~~ I
this text
in one line
The text formatting (size) is possible from h1 to h6

Any text in h1

Any text in h2

Any text in h3

Any text in h4

Any text in h5
Any text in h6
~~~ ~~~ strong is something like importend text < strong > < / strong > ... Will make ... importend Hope this was helful Of course there is an problem, that here is used markdown: ``` ~~~ ``` ``` Your code ``` ``` ~~~ ``` ``` **bold**, *italic*, _italic_ ``` More tags aren't shown here... **_Importend_: Don't leave lines between the messages! It will make different paragraphs:** Any paragraph is going here
and the line breaks Another paragraph More paragraphs with bolden and much other texted like italic and underlined text, but actually the code is place here. So this paragraph is a little longer

Did you learned enough?

Thank you for telling me how to add html to Lua. The first language I learnt was html. Also that now means you can add java script with the <script>and</script>command.

This html is not in the Lua codes, thats for the forum

EDIT: I learned all Html and the Firefox’s html tags

@magicskillz, in the Lua strings to make new lines use \ codes to make different size - eh… - impossible…

The forum is designed so that posts can be formatted with markdown, you do not need to use html tags.

Table test
for forum

Edit: Html in this forum seem to be ruined the simple border=1 attribute isn’t working