How would I disable the Twitter option when using the camera?

I have made a game for my baby daughter and want to share it on iTunes. I exported it into Xcode and set up everything, no problem. Then, I submitted it and waited, expecting such a simple thing to sail through.

However, it was rejected because games for kids cannot have an outside link. The camera button in the controls offers an option to save or post to Twitter in a popup alert.

How do I remove that option, or disable to popup?

@Simeon, I think this is a question for you.

Do you mean the buttons that are at the bottom of the screen of the Codea previewer? Those show up in apps unless you turn them off. I’ve had a game rejected because I forgot to turn them off.


Put that above your setup function

@Ransom I would suggest that you use FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS for any applications to be published to the App Store.

Thanks for the replies.

I already have FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS for the part the kids play, but I also have a few parameter.integer and parameter.boolean controls that the parent can access. I created my own small button on the full screen that changes it to STANDARD, allowing the parent to make adjustments.

So, when it is in STANDARD, the camera button can be accessed, and consequently, the popup appears with Twitter as an option.

I have searched through all the code, and the only Tweet / Twitter part I can find is in the plists.

Any ideas on disabling that outside link so I can get it accepted?

Many thanks in advance!

@Ransom hmm, there is no mechanism through which you can expose the parameter sidebar but not expose the buttons and output window.

It is possible to create your own parameter sliders in Lua (perhaps someone around here even has a slider class you can borrow).

A quick search turns up this Slider class by @Luatee:

Thanks, Simeon. I’ll take a look at the slider you showed.
Otherwise, all is good with Codea and Xcode!

@Luatee that slider class seems to have some bugs when the touch is ended. The shader version looks very cool though.

@piinthesky Yes sorry I’ve noticed that, I’ve updated it recently and will update the code in the thread.

Thanks all for the thoughts and advice.
I ended up removing those controls and just using simple images in the corners for the same results. It got accepted for the app store and is up there, but you know how sales go simple things, niche markets and getting buried by all the others.