How to undo an action on editor ?

Sometimes, I change a code with an other copied previously and this is automatically saved, so the whole file becomes unavailable until I remeber the mistake I made. Thanks in advance.

If you press the .?123 key on the keyboard, you will see the Undo key. You can use this to undo editor actions.

If you have an external keyboard then the command z shortcut also works.

@letaief, I’ve found the Editor Undo is good for up to one level of mistake. Yet being a beginner, my sins will frequently reach the eigth or ninth level of changed code. Thankfully, Codea allows us to make copies. So I can play with the code and revert to the backup when I blow something up.

.@Ric_Esrey the editor should be a bit better now (since 1.4.3 or so) and allow quite a few undo levels.

My apologies @Simeon, but I just tested it and I still only enjoy one level of Undo. I can’t believe it’s user error (this time) since my test consisted of: type a line of gibberish; hit return; type another line of gibberish; hit return; then hit Undo repeatedly. I can only get the Undo to remove the last line of gibberish I typed.

.@Ric_Esrey you’re right. I thought I had fixed this. I’ll look into it.

.@Ric_Esrey thanks for making me aware of this. Should be fixed in the next update.

You’re welcome. Glad to be of some small service.

Thanks for help

For single type undo also shaking screen helps (ios own shake to undo), yet feels we?rd on iPad