How to print Console errors to screen

I was browsing some older code on the forums and found a class that would let you output log() to screen. I simply overloaded the print() function so anything in print gets sent to the screen. However, I’m not sure what to override to get any of the red/orange errors that can pop up in the command console.

Goal is to create a class that allows command input and output from the screen so I do not have to have the parameters window open. Just can’t figure out how to catch the errors.


That feature might allow you to do such a thing :smiley:

@toadkick I imagine it would :slight_smile:

I propose to add this to the issue tracker, unless it is already there (please tell me if so):

for whenever Codea encounters an exception, it checks to see if you’ve installed a custom error handler, and if so, calls it with the debug information from the exception. If not, it will just call the default error handler that it’s calling now.