How to make a Game Like Galaxy On Fire

code… and tutorial

A rather “cheeky” request imo…

I have a project in mind too. I am trying to understand how cargot bot works (ticks, eventhandler, tweener, music, …). After I understand the inner workings of cargo bot I plan to try litter alteration – than bigger ones . As far as I undestand cargo bot now, the basic structure of the code can be reused for all kinds of games.

@KinGamer - I assume you are joking
@DaDo - that sounds like a good plan.

If you need them, there are stacks of tutorials here

@Ignatz yep lol I know how to start one, i just wanted to know how people would reply

Haha… That’s so funny. Even since I saw GoF, I’ve been wondering how I could make my own version in Codea.