How to inherit class from another file in the same project?

I have this file

-- Class: Animal 

Animal = class()

function Animal:init( word ) = word

function Animal:speak()
    print( )

-- Class: Dog

Dog = class(Animal)

function Dog:init()
    Animal.init( self, "Woof" )

-- Main

function setup()
    d = Dog()

    c = Animal("Meow")

This works no problem, but if you separate the classes across two files, it will not inherit the Animal class. How do I separate the class in two files and still be able to inherit?

1/ from your project A editor, tap the + sign on top right.
2/ in ‘dependencies’, check the other project B with you classes.
tadaaaaa! project A knows your classes in B

I figured it out, file execution order matters. The classes are excuted from left to right in the tab, I had my super class execute after the subclass inherited, so my subclass was inheriting when the superclass was still null.

@Jmv28 thanks! I didn’t make my self clear that I was talking about the same project

You know I didn’t see anywhere in the doc about execution order, but it turns out it’s a thing. Is it me or is it actually not documented?

Probably not documented. There are a few thing that aren’t documented, you’ll find those as you write more code.

It’s a quirky thing about Codea/Lua. You can also have multiple copies of the same functions, and Codea will use the right hand one.

@Simeon had to pick some order for compiling the tabs. The choices available were either alphabetical, time created, or how they’re ordered in the project.

Tab ordering is documented here:

Although it could perhaps add that subclasses need to be below/ to the right of their parents