How to flip a Sprite?

I’ve tried to look in the forums but couldn’t find it and the scale(-1,0) doesn’t flip it either any idea on what to do

function setup()

function draw()
    background(40, 40, 50)

    -- add sprite width,height to command
    sprite("Planet Cute:Character Horn Girl",300,400,101,171)

    -- to reverse a sprite, make the x size negative
    sprite("Planet Cute:Character Horn Girl",300,300,-101,171)

    -- to flip a sprite, make the x,y size negative
    sprite("Planet Cute:Character Horn Girl",300,200,-101,-171)

Thank you!

I’m surprised scale didn’t work. Maybe scale(-1,1) , not -1,0?

Scale changes what is being drawn and where. If you do scale(-1,1) it will reverse the Sprite, but also draw it at a -x position. So a Sprite drawn at 100,200 with scale(-1,1) will draw a reversed Sprite at -100,200.

Yeah, you’d have to do translate, rotate, scale and sprite it at the origin

It’s a lot easier just to include the sprites size in the command and make it negative whenever you want to flip it.

Depends, if you’re needing to rotate the sprite than you’ll be translating to the origin anyway, as sprite doesn’t take an angle argument.