How to enable custom sprites in codea runtime

I love codea runtime,it’s really one of the great invention!I’ve just test my project in codea run time . But I do not know where and how to trans my custom sprite into Xcode.Please help me! Thanks

It should just be a matter of copying your .spritepack folder from Codea into xcode’s project.

Hmm, I couldn’t get this to work… exactly where should it go in the xcode project? At the same level as the Project.codea? That didn’t work… I also tried putting the spritepack in the “Supporting Files” folder… Can’t get these custom sprites to work.

I also found Codea’s built-in spritepacks in the library files and put my custom there, still no luck. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks for any help!

@Neztec it needs to be copied into Xcode as a “Folder Reference” — Not a group. Otherwise the Spritepacks/YourSpritepack.spritepack folder structure is not preserved in your app package.