How to embed Codea Engine in my native app

The idea here is to have some lua files received from a cloud service and receive it in my iOS native app to run the lua program. Local native app will provide some inputs to lua and get some results from lua.
this is for a commercial project.

@jfoc2019 you could start by long-pressing your project and choosing “Export” then export it as an Xcode project. This will give you an iOS app which runs the Codea project as a view

@Simeon - from you reply is my supposition correct that, if you export as Xcode project, you can load it back onto an iPad to run standalone?

If so, what is the procedure for loading onto you iPad?

Thank you @Simeon for your promptly reply!

@Bri_G you can build and run in Xcode 11 to your attached device

@Simeon - thanks for the feedback, unlikely to use at moment but would love to use later. Is there any instructions, exmples of implementation available from Apple or on the web which could take you through the procedure. I’m sure there will be other forum members interested in this.

Once I get Catalina up to speed and stable I’ll give this a try.

@Bri_G it should be straightforward (although it often isn’t!) but these are the steps:

  1. Install latest Xcode from Mac App Store
  2. Export Codea Xcode project send it to your Mac and unzip
  3. Double click Xcode project
  4. Build and run (simulator)

For your device I believe you have to register for a free developer account at then sign into that account with Xcode (under Preferences) after that you will be able to select your device from the list in the top left and build to it.

If you are exporting a Craft project you may have to go into the included assets in the Codea export options and select some of the asset packs like “Hidden Materials” and “Materials” to ensure they get bundled

@Simeon - thanks for the reply. Just need to sort out Xcode now - Catalina keeps firing up verifying Xcode messages at moment.