how to download the game in app store

How to download code of the game in the beta project, apple developer?

Impossible. No body is going to give you his codes. And one game only takes more then 20 classes (if the game is good).

And to download a game click “Get”, if you have an Acount. If you haven’t, register one.

Where exactly to get the product? Can information about posting games in the app store. Thanks in advance. I have a subscription.

@iceman, answer him his title question: How to DOWNLOAD A GAME in the AppStore, answer him!

Do you mean how to upload a game to the App Store?


First of all, its worth using the Codea 2.3.2 runtime, as it fixes a lot of (all?) the issues with export to Xcode 7/iOS 9. Version 2.3.2 of Codea was submitted to Apple 12 days ago, not sure when it will come out. If you don’t want to wait, you can follow the steps here to download the 2.3.2 runtime:

also here:

Then, export your project from Codea (long-press on the project in Codea, select the export Xcode option), open it in Xcode on a Mac, set various additional settings such as supported orientations, launch screens and so on, test it in the iOS simulators or other iOS devices you have. To validate it and upload it to the Appstore you need the paid-for developer subscription ($99/ year).

Search the forum for upload, Xcode export etc for various tips, though remember that a lot has changed over the years with Xcode, so older posts on this particular subject might not be so useful.