How to delete/rename file?

I’m new to this. I don’t see a way to delete and rename files… It seems like this app is still very new… So maybe that would be a new feature? Did a quick search and didn’t find anything to help… So asking here.

For tabs hold down on the tab name to rename or delete. Copying is cut/paste before you delete.

Thanks! It work’s! I mistyped a file name when copying and pasting some code to test… I really wish Apple would allow code import/export again!!! I recently started using the app after. Would be so much easier to try code and learn it better.

Also another neat idea would to have folders like in pages or keynote for projects… To keep it organized.

About the folders, @Simeon had an idea about tagging projects and sorting them by tags. Therefor, you could put a project in multiple sections. Who knows when it will come. 1.4? 1.5?