How I can put their (students) projects on my iPad or computer (teacher)?


I am a computer science teacher in the second stage of secondary school (Belgium).
I use Codea to learn the students to program. Super application!

Now my question is the following …
If students have made an exercise, in other words they have designed a game that I would like to be able to open at home to correct.

Can someone tell me how I can put their projects on my iPad or computer?
Or how I can put their personal project visible for the other students so they can also play it?


Set up either a gist for all the students, take a look at or get them to email to you and you copy and paste, or get them to put it on pastie or pastebin and email you the link, those are the quickest ways I can think of.

Regarding gists, there is a project by Briarfox called AutoGist which makes it easy to upload gists and create installers that download the code again. That might be worth looking into.

(There’s a new project coming called Codea Community which also looks like it might be useful, but which is only in alpha at the moment so isn’t publicly available.)

Andrew_Stacey covered it well :slight_smile: Codea Community should be in public test in the next few weeks. This will make it easy for your students to share the projects with you :slight_smile:

Do you think there will be an option for separate repositories so the main page doesn’t get cluttered?

@Luatee I’m not sure I follow you?

Say for instance I wanted to create a project that could only be viewed/downloaded by selected people and updated by them, for group projects and such

You can share it for viewing, editing will follow :slight_smile:

So yeah, there’s gisting their projects (AutoGist is amazing), and putting them on pastebin. But there’s a couple more things, too. If you want to move them to your Mac, try getting iExplorer (Google it). You could also long press on a project, and select export, which gives an Xcode ready project that you can save to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. and sync to your Mac to run it in Xcode, on your Mac. Your Lua application, made in Codea, on your iPad… on your Mac. (I said “your Mac” a lot.)

@Luatee That’s in, isn’t it? Long press on the project, I think. Haven’t tried it myself, yet.

@SkyTheCoder I wouldn’t know I haven’t tried long pressing anything yet, @Briarfox ahh that’s good news!

@Luatee Read the change-logs. :wink:

@SkyTheCoder I haven’t been keeping an eye on them! I just rely on the UI to guide me around, its very good for that.

If you long press on share, you can select a certain people to share with.