How do you get rid of the sidebar and pause/play/reset buttons once I have my project in xcode?

I have almost finished… I just want to get rid of the sidebar and pause buttons. For some reason it has them like when I run it on codea.

Put displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) at the start

When you export it to Xcode they won’t be there, regardless of the display mode setting.

@MrScience101, not true (afaik) the STANDARD displaymode will shows the console

@JakAttak like @West said: Just put


this works!

@erickuamato, I know. I’m simply saying that contrary to what MrScience101 says, the console can be shown in exported builds.

Now I got it @JakAttak

thanks guys

@JakAttak, you are right. I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out. I thought my app didn’t have the displaymode function, but it did.

Note that the console will also appear in your compiled project if you have an error generated in the lua code. That is, if you do something wrong (say try to add a nil) in the Codea code of an exported project, a user can suddenly find themselves looking at the console page, complete with error message. This can be quite confusing to end users – so debug that lua code carefully.

@mark yeah that would be something I would do, make some code then decide I don’t want to use it, delete all the background information then some user will end tapping some weird part of the screen and it will pop out.